Do It Yourself Solar Solution

Installing a solar solution is no more a big problem. The following are step by step guidelines for a novice:

1. Calculate the load. A DC fan takes 30-40 watts and a DC light takes 4-15 watts. 

Sample Load Calculation


Keeping in view the losses, we would require four (04) 150 watt solar panels because (150 watts X 4 = 600 watts).


2. The following is list of the required items:


3. Now the installation starts. Normally, solar panels are attached to iron frames. However, they can be fixed without frames by placing them on any raised surface like the walls around the roof stairs or tin roof with the help of rawl bolts/nuts bolts. This saves a huge amount.

4. For a 12V solution, 04 (150 watt) solar panels are attached in parallel.



5. Red (+ve) and Black (-ve) wires are attached to a 30 Amp Controller.

6. 12V DC Fans and Lights are installed in the house by using 2-core wire and switch boards.

7. This wiring is connected to the single core (Red and Black) wires.

8. The single core (Red and Black) wires are attached the battery – Red (+ve) to Red (+ve) terminal and Black (-ve) to Black (-ve) terminal.

9. Red (+ve) and Black (-ve) wires are attached from controller to battery. First attach the wires to controller, then to the battery.

10. The system would look like the following: 


11. Be careful to attach Red (+ve) to Red (+ve) and Black (-ve) to Black (-ve).