The Gorakh Hill Station

Pakistan is a beautiful country full with natural beauty. It has four province (state) and each province has their own natural beauty and attractive cultural. The Gorakh is one of the best tourim place of Sindh province. It is a hill station located at 94km northwest of the Dadu city of Sindh province. It is near to Wahi Pandi village of district Dadu and it is around 500 km away from Karachi.

Highest Hills of Sindh

Gorakh Hill Station is one of the highest plateaus of Sindh, It is situated at an height of 5,688 ft in the Kirthar Mountains, spread over 2,500 acres (10 km2), Gorakh\'s elevation gives it a special climate around 0 to -5c in winter and 15 c to 20 c in summer. Due to its surroundings and atmosphere, it is an unique adventure point for nature lovers.It is also called “Muree of Sindh” 

The Hill Station receives winter snowfall and is among one of the only places in Sindh to have snowfall in winters. The mountains were completely covered with a blanket of snow in 2015 and 2008 winters. That is why Government has decided to upgrade this place into a hill station so that people from other cities could see snowfall without going far flung areas of the country.

How To Get There
Dadu City is the base camp for outside travelers, they can reach Dadu from two different sides one from Indus highway and other from National highway. They can stay in Dadu in local hotels offering only local cuisine. From Dadu travelers can hire a 4wd jeep for traveling to Gorakh Hill. A small rest house is available at Gorakh Hill station for visitors where they can stay at night or they can also camp there.